A small gift of poetry about growing and coping for our web visitors.

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 This Voices of Arlington project showcases the work of nine participants - ranging in age from 68 to 91, some writing poems for the first time, and others more experienced - in the 2012 Invitation to Poetry Workshops held at the Arlington Senior Center, sponsord by the Arlingotn Seniors Association and produced with thanks to the Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging.

Poetry Reading and Celebration At the Senior Center!

Authors were reading at the Senior Center on Thursday,  May 2.  This poetry sampler and celebration, included a book launch and dessert. 

The local poets, skilled from their workshop with author Jessie Brown, read from their new chapbook "The New Country".  From laughter to pensive poems and some musings too, the hall was filled with readings from a wonderful group.   This new book will soon to be availble on this Friends website.

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Just a tease.  We are in the process of putting the book online.  It will be here shortly.  Want a copy of the book?   It is available at the Council on Aging on the ground floor of the Senior Center.