Our fairly flat fast 5K race course!

Note:  for this 2016 race there is a course adjustment at Magnolia Park due to a Construction Project at the Park. Course adjusted at start and finish to compensate for minor change at Magnolia park.   Course is well marked.


Race course and directions to follow.

Starting from Town Hall on Massachusetts Ave
1 Head east on Massachusetts Ave toward Court St
2 Turn right at Orvis Rd
3 Turn left at Brooks Ave
4 Turn left at Varnum
5 Turn right at Herbert Rd
6 To Magnolia Park across from Magnolia St   
Destination is the Magnolia Park on the right

Return along the Bike Path - Enter Bike Path from the Park.

7 Follow Bike Path to Pond Lane cut off.

8 Head Northwest on Pond Lane toward Pond Terrace
9 Take the 2nd right onto Lombard Terrace
10 Take the 1st left onto Lombard Road
11 Turn left at Pleasant Street
12 Take the 1st right onto Maple Street
Arrive at Maple Street Finish