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Dr. Bob Carey is retiring from our Friends board.   He has done a lot for our town of Arlington. He has been on our Friends board, as well as the Council on Aging advisory board.  He has also been on the boards of Visiting Nurses, the Sanborn Foundation and much, much more. He is one of the founders of the group practice that has evolved into Lahey Arlington and is a retired chief of Geriatrics at Lahey Clinic.  If this is not enough, he has also started clinics in South America.  We have only found a loving and giving side to Bob. 

Ken Greenly CFP CPAis joining our Friends board!  Ken has been a very devoted volunteer, bursting with ideas, energy and experience.   He was one of the original driving forces behind our "Running With Friends" 5K.  He has also been an annual volunteer at the Thanksgiving meal deliveries for the elderly and the Stockings for Seniors holiday program. His experience in finance is a great addition.  He will be a helpful guiding hand.  Ken's Term will begin in April.

 A Visit to the Board of Selectmen:

Pictured starting on the left and from the Board of Selectmen's meeting on 02/27 are: COA Board Members Anne Fitzgerald and Joanne Morel, COA Board Chair Karen Nichols, Friends Board member Russell Gallini, Acting COA Director Lourie August, along with the Friends of COA President Art Budnik with Sue Culhane of the Council on Aging Board.

The Friends of the ACoA was before the Board of Selectmen on Monday 2/27/12 discussing their 2011 initiatives and donations for the Council on Aging and our Senior Citizens. The Friends group has donated a bit over $7,500 for the last calendar year. It includes funding in support of medical transportation, support for technology upgrades for the COA and the "Stockings for Seniors" program during the holiday season.  The Friends also holds the "Running With Friends" 5K each September to help raise these funds.

Board of Directors: Arthur Budnik, Dr. Robert Carey [emeritis], Russell Gallini, Ken Greenly CPA, Ann MacGowan, Donna Markussen, Heather Rielly

We are a 501 (c) (3) all volunteer public charity, dedicated to helping Arlington's senior citizens

Thank you to Not Your Average Joes for making the Friends organization a "Not Your Average Cause"!   Joe's has turned into a great alternate meeting ground for us.  Much planning and discusion takes place there in between burgers and more.

  Thank you to "Yes for Arlington" and their gracious donation of $3,000 to the Friends of the ACoA!  The board of the  Friends of the ACoA are donating over $7,500 for Arlington Senior Citizens and the COA for this calendar year.   Help from Yes for Arlington [Clarissa Rowe Chair] goes a long way to make that possible.  Our giving history is noted under the "About us" tab or click here.

Donation pictured above left to right:  Jennifer Lewis-Forbes [Treasurer Yes for Arlington, Russell Gallini [Board Friends of ACoa], Heather Rielly [treasurer Friends of ACoA, John Jope [COA Executive Director] and Karen Nichols [COA Chair].  

"Stockings for Seniors!"  is a new initiative for the Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging.

We are giving presents during this holiday season to 50 frail and low income senior citizens that are selected by the COA.  The citizens are selected by the social workers and geriatric nurse who are out in the community helping our elders.

The presents are supermarket gift cards presented in Santa style stockings along with other treats and wintery cards made by Arlington elementary school students from the Brackett, Bishop and Peirce schools. The cost of the project is about $1,500.  Thank you Foodmaster Supermarkets for your help and support.