5th Annual Running with Friends 5K MORE THAN 300 RUN!

Ready to run and then the blast of the horn!

The 5K begins with many more photos to follow in the next few days!

Family Friendly! 

Volunteers Get In the Spirit for the 5K with Ice Cream!

Volunteers getting together.  Becoming friends and learning about all they have helped to accomplish.   Enjoying some ice cream too at the site of the new Information Center at the Uncle Sam statue.

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Friends5KResults.txt Friends5KResults.txt
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          ********** AWARDS LIST **************

               ********** FEMALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********

    1 Laura Simolaris     37 Arlington       MA   20:46  6:41   20:46 

                ********** MALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********

    1 Zack Schwartz       26 Brookline       MA   15:34  5:01   15:34 

                          MALE AGE GROUP:  1 - 10

    1    81 Martin Lopes-Fernan 10 Arlington          MA   25:23  8:11   25:29 

                         FEMALE AGE GROUP:  1 - 10

    1   201 Josephine Lynch-Sha  6 Arlington          MA   32:24 10:26   32:43 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  11 - 18

    1     2 Connor Lovelace     18 Arlington          MA   18:11  5:52   18:14 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  11 - 18

    1    96 Grace Palmer        11 Arlington          MA   25:41  8:16   25:49 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  19 - 29

    1     8 Trevor Skelly       29 Washington         DC   19:11  6:11   19:12 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  19 - 29

    1    43 Julia Kasparian     22 Arlington          MA   23:01  7:25   23:15 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  30 - 39

    1     5 Frank Klemovitch    35 Lexington          MA   18:34  5:59   18:34 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  30 - 39

    1    23 Mayumi Kearns       34 Arlington          MA   21:23  6:53   21:23 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  40 - 49

    1     3 Kohei Hagio         41 Lexington          MA   18:24  5:56   18:24 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  40 - 49

    1    48 Brenda Phillips     40 Arlington          MA   23:23  7:32   23:26 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  50 - 59

    1     4 James Normile       52 Arlington          MA   18:25  5:56   18:25 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  50 - 59

    1    58 Ellen Duranceau     54 Arlington          MA   24:13  7:48   24:16 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  60 - 69

    1   117 John Isbell         63 Arlington          MA   26:52  8:39   26:54 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  60 - 69

    1    91 Deb Vinciguerra     60 Billerica          MA   25:37  8:15   25:44 

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  70 - 99

    1   127 Dom Daveta          70 Somerville         MA   27:31  8:52   27:39 

                        FEMALE AGE GROUP:  70 - 99

    1   234 June Rowe           71 Arlington          MA   35:11 11:20   35:26 

 Tom Brady autographed football raffle!

A Tom Brady personal autographed football has been donated by the Brady Family for the benefit of the Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging (FACOA).   The personally autographed football will soon be on display on the FACOA website (www.FriendsArlingtonCOA.org) and at the Arlington Council on Aging at 27 Maple St Arlington MA.   This photo to the right  is of the football donated to us for this 2014 raffle. 

The details of the raffle are provided here. The public are invited to participate in a raffle to win the autographed football memorabilia. Tickets chances are $10.00 each. 

The winner does not need to be present to win.  All entries must be complete and legible to win. The prize will be forfeited if not claimed by the winner within 20 days.

All proceeds will be applied to charitable purposes of the Arlington Friends of the Council on Aging.  The value of the prize to the winner will be treated as ordinary income for federal and state income tax purposes.  

Click the file below for Raffle Rules: 

2014 Raffle Rules.pdf 2014 Raffle Rules.pdf
Size : 72.751 Kb
Type : pdf

Displaying this seasons signature 2014 football are Treasurer of the Friends of the ACOA Ken Greenly,  COA Volunteer and Transportation Coordinator Bill Murphy and Art Budnik President of the Friends of the ACOA.

You can order tickets  on-line though  Fund-raising.  Just click on the above crowdrise logo to order!     


These organizations support us!  Add your company logo as a supporter for our 2014 Running with Friends 5K Race!  Click on a company logo and visit their website.   Click HERE to add your logo to the site and support the race and our Senior Citizens!

 GOLD Sponsors:


Silver Sponsors: 


 Bronze Sponsors:

369 Mass Ave. Arlington, 02474

The Friends and the Arlington Council on Aging received permission to hold the 5th Annual Running with Friends 5K race, an all Volunteer effort, to help support our Council on Aging.   The Selectmen unanimously granted approval for the race to be held on Sunday, September 7, with a start time of 10 am.  Susan Carp, Executive Director of the Arlington’s Council on Aging was joined Art Budnik,  President of the Friends of the ACOA—and supported by other Friends board members—in acknowledging both the importance of a myriad of programs supported by funds generated by the volunteer supported annual 5K race, and the fun-filled intergenerational outreach of the race.  Its all community and all volunteer! 

We're A Volunteer Effort!    [click photo to expand].

 Click Below to read the article at YourArlington.com:

The Friends Donated $10,000 to help our Senior Citizens!

The Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging announced their donation of more than $10,000 in support of our Arlington seniors. The Friends donated $8,000 to help support programs for the Arlington Council on Aging for the upcoming 2014 program calendar. Funding is a community effort with all volunteer participation.  We need our volunteers to make this work!   COA Director Susan Carp designs and implements a variety of plans to help keep our elders safe, healthy and happy.  What's more, the Friends group has given an additional $2,000 for the benefit of Arlington seniors during this year’s Holiday Stocking Stuffer program

This year’s Friends donation includes funds for a wide variety of programs which the Council on Aging uses in order to assist and reach out to our senior residents.

The funding supports Evidence-Based Health and Wellness outreach programs. In 2014 there will be a program for Diabetes Self Management, Healthy Eating for Successful Aging, and a series of additional sessions for Seniors Living Independently.

In addition, popular socialization and information programs, such as "Walk the Rink" are again being funded by the Friends.  The Friends Emergency Assistance Fund has been replenished and some transportation extensions designed and requested by the COA to help keep our elders living well and at home.

Held in the fall, the Friends’ annual intergenerational 5K race—"Running with Friends"—helps bring the community together, as well as support the Council on Aging. The Friends of the ACOA greatly appreciates the direct participation on the part of our local businesses, which provide both in-kind and direct financial sponsorships, along with their volunteer participation.  Visit Our Circle of Friends tab and our sponsors.  This is a very local effort—a very Arlington effort—and it is growing and making a difference. Then again, so is our population of senior citizens. Everyone from many local businesses to the Arlington Road Runners is getting involved in helping in some way.

This years Holiday Gift Program Reaches 70 Elders.

 The Holiday Gift Stocking Program has grown in 2013.   This year’s Holiday Gift Stocking Program has edged up from 50 to 70 recipients.  The program (which is sponsored by the Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging) fills and delivers Santa-style holiday gift stockings to Arlington elders who are in need around the holidays.  Individual donors from the community buy items from a suggested list, and fill about 30 of the stockings.  Gifts include mini-flashlights, gloves, magnifiers, easy grip items, first aid kits, food stuffers like oatmeal, and many fun items, as well.
This year, the Friends group—with generous donations from Whole Foods Arlington and BrightView Assisted Living—filled a total of 70 holiday gift stockings. These were delivered by volunteers over the holiday period to elders identified by the Arlington Council on Aging as those who would be alone or in need.  Identifying these individuals has become an annual labor of love for COA Director Susan Carp, social services’ Lourie August and Marci Shapiro-Ide, and RN Mark Waksmonski.  (Susan Carp graciously gives up every nook of free space in her office for a couple of weeks while the gifts and holiday stockings are prepared for delivery.)
Together with contributions by Whole Foods, BrightView, and those donors who filled stockings on their own, the Stocking Program significantly exceeded the Friends of the ACOA base donation of $2,000.  The program—which includes gift cards to local stores—helps elders with food expenses, also.  The program works by having volunteers of the Friends of the ACOA assemble and filter through the stockings, supplementing some where needed.   When they are completed and overflowing, over a dozen volunteers—along with help from members of the Arlington Police Department—deliver the stockings.  Rebecca Wolfe, employee of the APD, coordinates the delivery process, and has received plenty of help from inspectors and Officers Ned Walsh, Bryan Fennelly, and John Kelley.  The efforts of the APD are well appreciated for helping in this jolly task.   It is an enjoyable way for them to stay in touch with the frail within our community.
One of the best parts of the program are the holiday cards created by students from the Bishop and Brackett Schools. The cards are extremely endearing, and have brought joy and appreciation to these elders.  The citizens of the Arlington who donate stockings that they fill and decorate is another great part of the program.   Decorated stockings are awarded certificates for categories like Most Creative, Most Glitter, Happiest, and more.
The Arlington Road Runners group decorated and donated five Santa stockings overflowing with gifts. Among their decorative creations was the winner for Most Elegant stocking.  A big shout-out to a group who not only supports our annual 5K fund raiser but has now extended an open heart to Arlington’s elders in need during the holiday season!


4th Annual Running with Friends 5K WINNERS!  

Winners Circle- Back Row: Hector Vivas, Carolyn Coste, Catherine Farrell, Michael McHugh Betsy Goodchild , June Rowe and Richard Smith.  Front Row: Sean McClain, Gold winners Zack Schwartz and Lauren Liuzzo, Bash Zaganjori   

By Ken Greenly

 More than 300 register for the 2013 5K


Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging 5K race RESULTS!

Awards: http://www.northshoretimingonline.com/results/FriendsAwards.txt

Full Results:  http://www.northshoretimingonline.com/results/FriendsResults.txt

Teams: http://www.northshoretimingonline.com/results/FriendsTeams.txt

More to come! Including photos.   If you have a photo you like please send it in and we may post it. 



By Frank Tadley 

By Frank Tadley 

 By Noreen Murphy

       By Bill Murphy

 Sun Shines for the Annual Running with Friends 5K

 By Noreen Murphy

        By Ken Greenly 

 By Noreen Murphy

By Noreen Murphy 

By Bill Murphy

By Noreen Murphy