About Us: We are a 501 (c) (3) all volunteer public charity, dedicated to helping Arlington's senior citizens. Our purpose is  to provide  support to public charities and to agencies, boards and committees of the Town of Arlington providing services to senior residents of the Town of Arlington by raising funds and helping to make our community and its leaders aware of the good works done on behalf of the Senior Citizens of Arlington.     Click Here for Detail of Corporate Purpose.  

Our giving history:   In May of 2009 we were given our first Certificate of Solicitation from the Attorney General's Board of Charities;  in August 2009 our first donation of $1,250 was made to the COA transportation fund; December 2010 a needed $5,000 donation was made for the COA transportation program; for December 2011 we announced, over $7,500 for Arlington Senior Citizens with $1,500 going to direct aid for seniors in need through our holiday stocking stuffer program., $3,000 going to the transportation program and $3,000 to be used to help with for specialized software to help manage social services and manage and schedule transportation for our Arlington residents.

In December 2012 our group was able to again extend its help to our community through a donation of $10,000 in gifts from the Friends including support provided for programs of the Council on Aging as well as direct support to elders through the Friends of the COA holiday "Stocking Stuffer" gift program. The Friends' funding supports such programs as Evidence-Based Health and Wellness outreach; socialization and information programs, including "Walk the Rink"; the publishing of the Senior Center poetry class and the new Friends of ACOA Emergency Assistance Fund.

In December 2013 the Friends donated more than $10,000 to help our elders and our Council on Aging. The group gave $8,000 to help support programs for the Arlington Council on Aging for the 2014 program calendar. COA Director Susan Carp designs and implements a variety of plans to help keep elders safe and healthy. What's more, the Friends group has given more than an additional $2,000 to benefit Arlington seniors during this year’s Holiday Stocking Stuffer. That program also received donations in excess of $1,000 directly from Arlington residents and businesses.

For the 2014 calendar year we approved over $11,000 in contributions for the programs of the Council on Aging and along with our holiday gift program for elders the combined amounts total to about $14,000 for our community.

Again for the 2015 calendar year we were able to sustain and approved about $14,000 in contributions for the programs of the Council on Aging and the Holiday Gift program.

We need you, to give in order to grow!  We put your donations to work!

Why?   Because over 20% of Arlington is over 60 and many need the services of the Council on Aging.   Given the demographic trends, this points to increased demand for services.  As “Baby Boomers” are maturing more services will be needed.  We believe the Friends group can help the Arlington Council on Aging to provide the best possible service to Arlington’s senior residents.
Transportation provided by the Arlington COA is funded and managed as the Transportation Enterprise Program, which must be self-sustaining through the COA.   In general, transportation, including to and from medical appointments, is very important to the welfare our senior citizens.  Friends of the Council on Aging want to support the continuation of the many programs which help our Senior Citizens. Our Arlington community helping to take care of our senior citizens is an essential part of our responsibly building our town in all its generational facets.     
The help provided by the COA includes:
1. Transportation and medical escorts.
2. Nursing visits, health and social services.
3. Clinics for flu, blood pressure, podiatry and dental screening.
4. Services such as medical equipment, counseling, support groups, exercise, legal and financial planning and advocacy for senior citizens.  Click here for the Senior Notes
News Letter.
Our Friends of the Council on Aging Board of Directors are:   Tyler Buck,  Ken Greenly CPA, Robert McInnes, Joanne Morell, Lois Shannon.

Student volunteers from the High School Track Team for 2014 5K.

The very first donation!  Friends of the COA , presenting a check for $1,250 to the COA Board Chair Ann Fitzgerald and COA Excutive Director John Jope (center) Fiscal 2010. 

We're Serious About Our Servcie:  Bill Murphy [COA Staff] with some wonderful volunteers for the Council on Aging.

 The Hardy Boys Band playing at the 2015 Running with Friends 5K Race. 

Above is Joanne Morell volunteering for the Spring Barbecue at Brightview  Assisted Living in Arlington.