Coldwell Banker Helps the Friends of the COA!

The Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging extends a heart felt thank you to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares for its charitable  gift of $500 in support of programs which help Arlington’s Senior Citizens.   Marjie Fitzpatrick of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage  graciously presented the donation to Ken Greenly and Lois Shannon ,  officers of the Friends of the Arlington COA public charity.   This Coldwell Banker donation is very much appreciated; and will provide much-needed support for our senior citizens in the upcoming year.

The Friends group helps to raise funds to support senior programs and services provided by the Council on Aging; and is currently sponsoring the Holiday Gift “Stocking Stuffer” program for elders in need and who will be alone over the holidays.

Pictured from left to right are: Friends of the ACOA board member, Lois Shannon; President Ken Greenly and Marjie Fitzpatrick of Coldwell Banker presenting a check for $500 to the Friends of the COA.

Santa gift stockings are on their way to 74 of our senior citizens who will be alone for the holidays!
Arlington’s Council on Aging (COA) noted local seniors in need of a holiday pick-me-up. Thanks to donors, volunteers and the Arlington Police Department these senior citizens won't be quite as alone.  A happy Santa [aka a police officer] will be visiting homes between now and New Year's Eve in addition our family volunteers to give a jolly knock on the door and the happy handover of a Santa stocking filled with practical and fun things to an elder person who truly welcomes it.  The gift stockings are distributed to our volunteers delivery elves at a holiday celebration hosted by Arlington's Brightview Assisted living where residents also decorate stockings that are filled with gifts for this program too. 
The stockings are decorated by the Arlington elementary students from Ms.Greenfield fifth grade art students from the Dallin school as well as some industrious and creative donor families.   They are filled with a variety of practical gifts  like postage stamps, gloves, tooth brushes, treats and the like.  Additionally The each stocking has a gift card added in so the individual can pick up a few things they may need for the holidays.  COA volunteers will be delivering the holiday pick me ups from Friday, December 16, through New Year’s Eve day (December 31).   This is a wonderful community expression for those who may need it and will be alone for the holidays.

Above from the left: Friends Board Members Robert McInnes, Joanne Morell along with Brightview Assisted Living Vibrant Living Director Brian Patton, Friends of the COA President Ken Greenly, Director Lois Shannon and APD Officer Brendan Flynn and Sargent Robert Pedrini.  All Santa's helpers.
Below holding boxes filled with presents and getting ready to substitute  as Santa stand-ins are Sargent Robert Pedrini and Officer Brendan Flynn helping in the delivery of the gifts. To their right is organizer Ken Greenly.
Below are Friends Super Elves: Vice President Bob McInnes and director Lois Shannon who coordinated all the details.
Running with Friends 5K Race! SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11th 2016 Results Below!  News from the finish line!  
Flash Rain just encourages 5K runners!
359 runner cross the finish line.
The Race Begins!
For full 2016 5K Results please click on the Results file to the right.
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Team Results -   We had 12 teams this year.  Click on "2016 5K Teams.txt" for results.
2016 5K Teams.txt 2016 5K Teams.txt
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Unless otherwise noted all photos by Noreen Murphy. 
The Winners Circle:
Sam Spencer 25 of Medford was overall fastest with a very good time of 17:52 and Zoe Greenberg, 25 of Arlington won best overall time female with a quick time of 21:22 .   They are NUMBER ONE!
For all Award winners please click  on the Award Winner files to the right:
2016 5K Award Winners.txt 2016 5K Award Winners.txt
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Lillian Christmas  85 (bib 58) of Arlington and Richard Smith 87 of Arlington  (bib 305) it seems have plenty of energy these days!   They won their age group in the 5K race.   Obviously a number one accomplishment for any day.
Photo of Lillian and Richard by Art BUDNIK.

Want to do something exciting?  Have a skill that you want to use?  Then join us and become part of the Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging! 

We are looking for both volunteers and potential board members.  We need folks in public relations, social media like Facebook and all that fun stuff, as well as those who like organizing events.  

Please email us at and let us know your interest.

Run, Cheer or Volunteer for the Running with Friends 5K race. 
You will see us handing out water on the bike path!
The 5K race raises funds to help the Council on Aging and our senior citizens

 If you have 5K  photos you like please email them 

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Board of Selectmen Approve 7th Running with Friends 5K Race for September 11th, 2016.

 A Cheerful Annual Update!

The Arlington Board of Selectmen approved the 7th Annual Running with Friends 5K charity race which is sponsored by the  Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging.  The race has been approved for Sunday, September 11th, with a start time at 10 am at Arlington Town hall.  Registration and race details will be available shortly on this website.  Click Here for Prior Race Photos.

Each year the Friends group goes before the Board of Selectmen to obtain approval for their 5K charity race and to update the Arlington community about the nature of the work they do in support of the Council on Aging and our Senior Citizens. 

President Ken Greenly  announced that the group was able to sustain $14,000 in contributions in support of the programs of the Council on Aging.  Mr. Ken Greenly discussed the September 5K race answering questions of the Board of Selectmen and soliciting ever- needed volunteers.  There was good-humored interaction between the Board of Selectmen and the presenting Friends Board members about the fun-filled annual race.  At one point, Friends President Ken Greenly tried to playfully coax the Selectmen Chair, Kevin Greeley, with an extra winner medallion to entice him to walk or run the 2016 race.  Selectmen Steve Byrne is a regular runner of the 5K; and Joe Curro has both helped as a volunteer and has also run in the past.

Vice Chair of the COA, Jim Munsey, spoke about the importance of the programs the Friends support in aid of our senior citizens and complimented the Board of Selectmen by adding"I know you get it". 

The senior population of Arlington is growing and the group HELPS!

Join us!  To learn more click here! 

Click the above YouTube video to see the Friends of the COA interact with the Arlington Board of Selectmen and the Selectmen and Community showing their support!. 

Pictured above from right: Karen Nichols COA Associate Member,  Friends Board Members: Joanne Morel, Ken Greenly, Lois Shannon, Robert McInnes and Jim Munsey: COA Vice-Chair

2015 Holiday Gift Program helped 75 Senior Citizens in need!

Ms. Greenlands Art Class, at the Dallin School, designed and made 25 holiday stockings to be filled with gifts for Senior Citizens.  The Friends of the COA will make sure a supermarket gift card along with other holiday items will fill the sparkly and impressive stockings.

On December 18, 2015, the Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging conducted a raffle to benefit programs for our senior citizens.  Along with a Holiday Party, the raffle drawings were held at BrightView Assisted Living (1 Symmes Road in Arlington) on  December 18, 2015.  Numbers were drawn for 10 winners.  Winning numbers were withdrawn from raffle.  All were welcomed at the festivities. 

Above left: Judging the Stockings,   Direct right: A proud Santa Style Stocking Designer!   Far right: The judges hard at work.

Arlington’s Council on Aging (COA) selected local seniors in need of a holiday pick-me-up.  The Friends supplied undecorated stockings…and you, community volunteers, decorated and filled stockings with non-edible fun items, local gift cards and practical household items, which were then delivered during the holiday season by COA volunteers.  For the 2015 holiday season, we delivered about 75 stockings.  We review and vet all stockings; and include supermarket gift cards in each stocking, as well as other gifts, as needed.

Selectmen approve 5K race.  

More than $14K donated by Friends! 

The Board of Selectmen approved the 6th annual Running with Friends 5K charity race which is held by the  Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging.  The race has been approved for Sunday September 27th with a start at 10 am at Town Hall.  Registration and details will be available shortly on this website.  Click Here for Prior Race Photos.

The group goes before the Selectmen to get approval and update Arlington about the nature of the work they do to support  the Council on Aging and Senior Citizens.

Founding member Art Budnik announced his retirement and passed the presidency torch over to prior treasurer Ken Greenly.  President Ken Greenly discussed the September 5K race answering questions of the Board of Selectmen. 

The Friends group announced their donation of more than $14,000 in support of Arlington’s seniors.

Over $11,000 was donated by the Friends to help support programs for the Arlington Council on Aging for its upcoming 2015 program calendar.  Executive Director of the COA Susan Carp noted the importance of funding projects outreaching to our elders.  This year’s donations includes funds for:

The Tai Chi and LGBT exercise programs, as well as general wellness programs.  This year the Friends have fully funded the popular "Walk the Rink" exercise program.

Popular socialization and information programs, such as the Chinese New Year event luncheon. 

The Friends’ Emergency Assistance Fund has been replenished; and a small fund for after-hours medical trips is provided to help keep our senior citizens living well and at home. 

What's more, the Friends group coordinated and donated an additional $3,000 and more for the benefit of Arlington seniors during last year’s Holiday Stocking Stuffer program. The Friends’ Holiday program received donations directly from Arlington residents, as well as a generous in-kind celebration which was hosted by Arlington's BrightView Assisted Living.  These donations helped to provide about 70 Santa-style stockings which were delivered to Arlington senior citizens in need.

A Full House for the  Ice Cream Social!

The ice cream scoops were flying fast at the  Main Hall of the Senior Center for the Ice Cream Social.  Fifty people  filled their sweet tooth by ice cream from Chilly Cow and listened to the  Comedy of David Shikes  showing again that laughter is the best medicine.

David, comedian and storyteller gained full audience attention hanging and waiting for a punch line  and then David had them break into laughter.  After the laughter based on our life and the world we live in, the audience filled their insides with a delicious ice cream sundae scooped by Chirs Morello, manager of Chilly Cow and COA Director Susan Carp.    This fun summertime event was generously sponsored by the Friends of the Arlington Council on Aging.